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Tariffs 2.0 Update and UDP API Fixes

Posted by admin on October 8, 2018

A new firmware update (Version 4.4:601) will shortly be available for Network OWL units running version 4.0 firmware and above - this update further improves the flexibility of our tariffs system, fixes a few concerns with its operation, and fully repairs the UDP API functionality of the Network OWL Gateway.

Packaged along with this update is a patch for some electricity usage and export reading bugs encountered in the 4.3:603 version of the network OWL firmware released earlier this year. Whilst these bugs were previously able to be resolved simply by rebooting the network OWL, many users were unaware of this. The new firmware does not suffer from the same issue in any shape nor form; so users should update where possible.

The tariffs system for "time of use" tariffs (for example Economy 7 and Economy 10) allows ,as per our previous changes, for almost any combination of times and rates for each day of the week, up to a limit of 7 time periods per day. The block tariff redesign left the system bugged previously unfortunately; and so we've revised this appropriately.

UDP API functionality has been fully restored to the 4.0 series of firmware; meaning that the hobbyists amongst you can finally get stuck in again - we're hoping to release an updated set of documentation for the API soon; as there are a few items of note that have changed.

As with any firmware update please do report any issues found to our helpdesk at

The OWL Development Team